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Diversity Visa Lottery Program

DV-2017 Program

The entry registration period for the 2017 Diversity Visa Program (DV-2017) was between October 01, 2015 and November 03, 2015. The submission period is now over and the window of time to apply for DV-2017 has closed.

Those who applied for the DV-2017 before the registration period closed are advised to monitor the Entrant Status Check page on from May 2016. You will need your unique confirmation number to check your status.

DV-2017 Program Instructions


To find out if you were selected for a Diversity Visa this year, please enter your confirmation number at (You must use the confirmation number you received when you did your on-line DV entry last year. If you have forgotten your confirmation number, the DV lottery website explains how you can find it.) 

Please note that the Department of State does NOT notify winners by letter, e-mail or any other means! If you or a loved one receives any kind of correspondence (especially one that asks for money!), please disregard it. It is fraud. 

Do NOT send money to anyone! THE ONLY WAY TO FIND OUT IF YOU WERE SELECTED IS TO CHECK THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Congratulations to selectees!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for All Successful DV 2016 Entrants: If you have been selected for further processing in the 2016 Diversity Visa program, after you receive instructions, you will need to demonstrate you are eligible for a diversity immigrant visa by successfully completing the next steps.

- For the DV-2016 program (applicants selected in May 2015 to begin applying for immigrant visas after October 1, 2015), the Department of State will use an electronic application form.

- This form, the DS-260 Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application, is completed online and will allow for more efficient processing of DV program applications. You may not use the paper form used in previous years to apply for the diversity visa in the DV-2016 program.

- The DS-260 will be available at

Note: The “Visa Status Check” button will not work for DV applications until the case is scheduled for interview. An error message will appear but does not indicate a problem with the actual application. 

 - For further instructions on the application process for DV 2016:

Diversity Visa Program Instructions webpage for the DV 2016 instructions.

Translations of the instructions:

Eligibility for the DV Program

  • In order to be eligible to receive a Diversity Visa, registrants selected by the automatic system will be required to prove at the time of their visa interview that they have met either the education or work experience requirement of the DV program.
  • Education: The minimum educational requirement is the successful completion of 3 GCE A-level subjects, not including General English.
  • Work Experience: Applicants without the necessary academic qualification can instead use work experience to qualify.  Applicable work experience is defined as two years of work experience within the previous five years in an occupation requiring at least two years of training or experience to perform. 
  • The State Department uses the U.S. Department of Labor’s O*Net OnLine occupational network database ( to determine qualifying work experience.  The qualifying occupation must be listed in this database with a designated “job zone” of 4 or 5 and a Specific Vocational Preparation (SVP) range of 7.0 or higher.  Occupations that have a job zone lower than 4 and/or an SVP range of less than 7.0 will not qualify under the DV program.

Diversity Visa Scammers Sending Fraudulent Emails and Letters

  • The Department of State, Office of Visa Services, advises the public of a notable increase in fraudulent emails and letters sent to Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) program (Visa Lottery) applicants. The scammers behind these fraudulent emails and letters are posing as the U.S. government in an attempt to extract payment from DV applicants. All applicants should be familiar with information about DV scams provided by the Federal Trade Commission. Also, review the procedures for the DV program provided below, so that you know what to expect, when to expect it, and from whom.

Diversity Visa Program Fees & Interview Appointment Date

  • Selected program entrants will be provided further instructions via the Entrant Status Check page on along with their appointment date, including information on fees associated with immigration to the U.S.  The visa application fee is the only fee required and it is to be paid to the cashier at the U.S. Embassy at the time of the visa interview. This is the only fee for the Diversity Visa Program.
  • Please bring all the documents listed on DV Checklist for your visa interview. Applicants must schedule their medical appointments with one of the panel physicians. Medical forms are available with the panel physicians. 

Scam Alert

  • Scam Alert

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