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Monthly Film Screenings
  • Every Tuesday 6pm @ the American Center Auditorium

    Entrance Free! Seating is limited and is first-come, first-served. Please contact the American Center at or at (11) 249-8100 with any questions. No parking available. 

  • American Experience: A Class Apart Movie Poster
    October 7 - American Experience: A Class Apart

    In the tiny town of Edna, Texas, in 1951, a field hand named Pete Hernandez murdered his employer after exchanging words in a gritty cantina. From this unremarkable small-town murder emerged a landmark civil rights case that would forever change the lives and legal standing of tens of millions of Americans. A Class Apart tells the little-known story of a band of underdog Mexican-American lawyers who took their case, Hernandez v. Texas, all the way to the Supreme Court, where they successfully challenged Jim Crow-style discrimination against Mexican-Americans. (Running time: 60 minutes) 

  • The Mambo Kings  Movie Poster
    October 14 - The Mambo Kings

    Musician brothers Cesar and Nestor leave Cuba for America in the 1950s, hoping to hit the top of the Latin music scene. Cesar is the older brother, the business manager, and the ladies' man. Nestor is the brooding songwriter, who cannot forget the woman in Cuba who broke his heart. (Running time: 104 minutes)  

  • The Blue Diner  Movie Poster
    October 21 - The Blue Diner

    The Blue Diner is a film about food, memory, language, and caskets. It is the story of a Puerto Rican mother and daughter living together in Boston and the difficulties they encounter when the daughter, Elena, mysteriously loses her ability to speak Spanish, her first language. Everyone has a theory about the origin of Elena's misfortune, but no one knows for certain what has caused the tragic and absurd event. (Running time: 100 minutes) 

  • Real Women Have Curves Movie Poster
    October 28 - Real Women Have Curves

    Meet Gracie Bowen, she's your average, ordinary 15-year-old girl, except for one thing: she's determined to play varsity soccer... on the boys' team! But when her school forbids her to play and even her family questions her ability, Gracie sets out on extraordinary quest to prove them all wrong. Fighting to change the school's policy and facing off against some of the toughest competitors on the soccer field, Gracie must summon all of her strength and courage, to finally show the world that a girl with a dream can do absolutely anything! (Running time: 90 minutes) 

Saturday Movies

  • October 4, 3:30 pm

    Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory 

  • October 11, 3:30 pm

    Open Season 

  • October 18, 3: 30 pm

    A Little Princess 

  • October 25, 3:30 pm

    The Secret Garden